ESTIMATE INVENTORY CAPITAL VicinityBrew gives you the ability to analyze ongoing material requirements using existing sales orders or forecasts. When MRP is run, material requirements are stored by date and quickly accessible for review. The result: Future working capital requirements of inventory are easily identified making expansion planning more structured and accurate.

LABOR UTILIZATION VicinityBrew lets you review actual labor usage based on history of completed batches, and calculate anticipated labor needs by reviewing the production schedule and estimated labor required for each item being produced.

REVIEW MARGINS VicinityBrew allows you to calculate actual production costs and compare them to price lists and actual sales history, making it easy to identify lower-margin products and customers. Knowing which distributors are providing the greatest profit is key to future expansion and future pricing conversations with customers. Addressing the underperforming brands and distributors is key to profitable growth for all breweries.

SPEED UP CLOSING VicinityBrew with Microsoft Dynamics provides a real-time financial, distribution, manufacturing and inventory-control system. As transactions are processed organization-wide, they’re posted directly to the financial records. Purchases received but not yet invoiced by the supplier are automatically accrued. Month-end financial statements and supporting schedules are prepared and issued with little effort.

REVIEW PRODUCTION COSTS VicinityBrew calculates materials, labor, packaging and overhead production costs at the batch level—so you can review actual costs by product, formula or production facility over a given time period. In brewing yields are one of the most significant fluctuations to cost and profit. Getting a handle on the brands that are underperforming their targets is key to maximizing profit.


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