10 Things VicinityBrew is Thankful for in 2016

2016 has been an excellent and eventful year for VicinityBrew Software. We have built relationships with many new friends and clients, have attended a great deal of events in the beer industry, and have had fun throughout the whole year.

We are thankful for many things, too many to list, but here are the top contenders of things we’re thankful for this year.


10 Things VicinityBrew Software is Thankful for in 2016

1. “Enjoying shift beers after hours with our craft beer clients and friends.”

– Randy Smith, CEO, VicinityBrew Software

2. “Getting to know some tremendous fellow entrepreneurs and their staff at our craft beer clients.  It is some great energy that keeps me doing what I am doing.”

– Randy Smith, CEO, VicinityBrew Software

3. “Sharing some knowledge with some prospective brewers at the HACC in Harrisburg, PA.  They are doing some good things for the PA Brewers Association!”

– Randy Smith, CEO, VicinityBrew Software

4. “Learning a ton at the New Brewers Challenge at each of the Brewbound Session events.  Hearing why new breweries are getting in the business and sharing their stories.”

– Randy Smith, CEO, VicinityBrew Software

5. “A trade show with the best atmosphere a participant could ask for… Cheer’s to the BA & all participating Breweries year over year for the open taps at BrewExpo America!”

– Kaitlyn McKendry, Marketing Manager, VicinityBrew Software

VicinityBrew Software6. “Thankful to work in an industry:

  • Founded on supporting each other to grow as a whole!
  • With an abundance of beards, flannels and laid back attitudes.
  • With a never ending funnel of creative new flavors.”

– Kaitlyn McKendry, Marketing Manager, VicinityBrew Software

7. “A business partner that is always up for a challenge and gives me the rope to go places people never thought we could go. This pint is for you Seth. Thanks for 15+ great years and to many more.”

– Randy Smith, CEO, VicinityBrew Software

8. “Being able to contribute to our expanding presence in the craft brewing industry.”

– Seth Abady, Director of Development/Co-Founder, VicinityBrew Software

9. “Some of the best staff a business owner would hope for.  We have launched a brand, developed a great product, made a lot of new friends, changed lives and breweries and done it all with a terrific attitude.”

– Randy Smith, CEO, VicinityBrew Software

10. A great sense of humor and attitude from everyone at VicinityBrew Software.

“I am grateful that the universe has given us yeast!

There was once a time that we did not know how beer or wine was created. We would set a barrel of of a liquid outside for a period of time and then we would get drunk….and then we would thank the gods!

Some brewers would pass a “magic spoon” from generation to generation not even realizing it was the yeast living on the spoon that was responsible for beer.

But it wasn’t the gods, it was yeast. Little microbes that love to eat sugar and create ethanol.

For thousands of years it was hit or miss, that is until science got involved. Discovering it was this fungi and its daughters that were happily munching away on sugar and well….pooping alcohol, we got to brewing and drinking. Don’t be grossed out, technically oxygen is tree flatulence….Somehow that didn’t make it better, huh?

So be thankful for yeast this Thanksgiving!”

– Robert Cosio, Implementation Consultant, VicinityBrew Software

And there is our list of what we are thankful for. If you have any questions about brewery management software solution from VicinityBrew Software, Contact Us today to learn more!

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