4 Tips on Shopping for Brewery Software

Selecting a brewery software can feel like a daunting task.

Making a choice can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating if you have not given real thought into what your brewery needs. Before you go out and register for brewery software demos, here are four tips to help the evaluation go much smoother.

Identify if there is a need that has to be addressed. If you are a brewery, whatever your size, you need a way to maximize production, meet distribution demands, and increase profitability. Brewery software can help with those needs. What business issue is keeping you from achieving your goals?

Quantify that need – what cash will it bring into my brewery if I make the change? It could be reducing manual or double data entry, getting a better handle on your inventory, or tracking yields. Ask yourself, what business issue is keeping you up at night and how much is that issue costing you per month? How much is that issue costing per year?

Do your research – Talk to other breweries about your issues and hear their stories – search the web and find software companies that specialize in brewing. These companies have solved the problems your facing before – leverage on what they have done.

Engage with a professional that understands craft brewing and can deliver the change that is needed to solve your business issues. Be open and honest about what you are trying to accomplish, the size of your budget, and internal resources available. Give the professional a chance to collaborate with you to find a workable solution.

The key to selecting the best software for your brewery is in leveraging breweries that had been through the buying process before. It is the best way to gain confidence in the software supplier immediately. From there, let the software professionals do their thing and utilize their industry expertise.

If you are not getting what you need out of your existing software system and you think it is time for a change, or if you have yet to implement software into your growing brewery, follow the steps above. Do not hesitate to reach out to the VicinityBrew team and let us tell you how our brewery software solution could support your brewery operations. Contact our team today.