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We made it to 2021…just barely but we did! We hope everyone is having a happy and healthy new year. We’ve been working hard to deliver great new features to the VicinityBrew product. 

Since we add new features each quarter, here’s how we’ve stayed busy in Q4 2020. 

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5 ways to justify your brewery management purchase

5 ways to justify your brewery management software purchase and why it’s important.

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4.32 FEATURE VIDEO – Batch Quality Inquiry

Batch Quality Inquiry is a new Quality feature that displays all quality samples and QC tests for a batch, for lot tracked components produced by a batch, and for lot tracked components consumed by a batch.

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4.32 FEATURE VIDEO – Import Forecast

Import Forecast is a new feature that populates the Vicinity Forecast table directly from an Excel spreadsheet.

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4.32 FEATURE VIDEO – Create Batch from Trial

The Project Entry window has been enhanced to support creating a batch directly from a trial.

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4.32 FEATURE VIDEO – Product Structure Copy

Check out this feature video that was added to our recent 4.32 Release. 4.32 Product Structure Copy Product Structure Copy is a new Product Development feature. It is used to create a new product based on the multi-level structure of an existing product and change the new product structure before the new product is created.…

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Fall into new features from Vicinity

Our Q3 release is out and it’s got all the good stuff!

As we are all settling in for the home stretch to January 2021 (bye, bye 2020), our development team has been heads down adding the latest features and functionality available to our Vicinity customers.

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As the team truly settles into “working from home” life with a full 3 months plus working remotely, we’ve managed to deliver on our promise to release new features and functionality each and every quarter. And this quarter is no different.

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4.31 FEATURE VIDEO – Batch Entry Auto Save

Check out this feature video that was added to our recent 4.31 Release. 4.31 Batch Entry Auto Save Batch Entry has been enhanced to automatically assign a batch number and save when a Formula ID is entered. The user is no longer required to click “Save” in order to generate a batch number. Quick note:…

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4.31 FEATURE VIDEO – Quality Sample Entry Process Cell

Quality samples may now be taken against a process cell. This allows you to track information relevant to one or more pieces of equipment.

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