Client Success Story – Hangar 24 Craft Brewery

In early 2014, Hangar 24 Craft Brewery implemented VicinityBrew Software with Microsoft Dynamics GP to fulfill their brewery management needs. Hangar 24’s initial goal was to gain visibility across sales, inventory and packaging in order to better track raw materials moving through the brewery.

Joe Savage, former Production Manager was one of the key players in implementing VicinityBrew. During the project, Savage stated, “One of our goals is to transition from brewing as much beer as we can to leaner production, closer to a brewed-to-order approach of production using just-in-time manufacturing principals.”

Now, almost three years later, we followed up with Hangar 24 Craft Brewery to see how things are going with their implementation with VicinityBrew Software.

“One of the things that’s been helpful has been the ease of use. For us, this year has been really busy and so our forecast actually has changed quite a bit,” says Daniel Bachman, Production Planning Coordinator at Hangar 24.” But its been helpful in terms of understanding exactly when we needed items coming out to meet everything we were looking at, based on how the orders are in the system and how they kind of populate the resource view.”

Bachman confirmed that they have very much shifted to “just-in-time” manufacturing as they originally were hoping to be able to do.

Hangar 24 has also been quite ecstatic about the fully customized support they have received with VicinityBrew.

“Jen has really been helpful because shes made a couple very personalized reports for us, which for me when ive talked to people I’ve always said that’s always been a good thing with Vicinity, that you’ve been really able to tailor make certain items for us,” stated Bachman.
Hangar 24 Craft Brewery began with a true passion for good beer, an absolute love of flying, and a pure enjoyment of being around great friends. After an afternoon of flying, Founder and Master Brewer Ben Cook and his buddies used to meet at Hangar 24 to trade stories, talk aviation, play music, and share cold ones, which Ben just finished brewing at home. Today, the location of where these fine beers are brewed may have altered, but the quality time spent enjoying a delicious, handcrafted beer and conversation with friends remains the same.

VicinityBrew with QuickBooks Online or Microsoft Dynamics enables breweries to meet fluctuating demands of customer requirements for quality, delivery, and price. By automating and integrating critical information along the supply chain, VicinityBrew Software is able to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs for growing craft breweries. Key functionalities include centralized recipe management, digitized brew logs, quality control, lot traceability and recall, TTB reporting, inventory control, production planning, and scheduling.

If you want to learn more about how VicinityBrew Software can help your brewery, contact us today!


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