Fall Beers From Our Clients You Should Probably Drink Right Now

It’s the most wonderful time for some beer! Fall is in the air and that means football games, layers, fresh hops, and pumpkin flavored everything. We have listed our top picks for fall beers that you have to indulge in right now.


Kujo Cold Press Coffee Porter- Flying Dog Brewery 

Style: Porter

IBU: 15 | ABV: 6%

Description: “Enjoy your new pet!” he said. Twelve hours later, your heart is pounding with terror as you wake up to find the savage beast growling over a puddle of your neighbor’s organs. And that’s not coffee on your breath this morning. It’s fear. Sleep tight, my friend.


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Oktoberfest- Sierra Nevada

Style: Märzen Lager

IBU: 20  | ABV: 6%

Description: We’ve partnered with Bavaria’s Weihenstephan, the world’s oldest brewery, for this American take on the classic German Oktoberfest. A malt backbone is balanced by subtle hop character in this crisp, clean, and drinkable crowd-pleaser. Nothing captures the spirit of celebration like a beer among friends.

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Clawhammer Oktoberfest- Highland Brewing

Style: Märzen Lager

IBU: 25  | ABV: 5%

Description: Bavarian-inspired. Asheville-made. This Märzen lager is smooth and well-rounded with toasty malt character.


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Festbier- KC Bier Co.

Style: Vienna-Style Lager

IBU: 25 | ABV: 5.5%

Description: Festbier is a crisp, clean, malty Vienna-style lager brewed during a six-week period using 100% imported German malt and hops, and our Bavarian monastery brewery yeast. Festbier’s biscuit, caramel, and honey malt flavors come from imported Vienna and Pilsner malts, while Perle and Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops provide moderate bitterness to balance the malt. Festbier is produced using traditional brewing techniques including decoction mashing (boiling a portion of the mash), two-vessel fermentation, natural carbonation and a long, cold lagering period.


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Baked Pumpkin Ale- Lancaster Brewing Co.

Style: Spiced Ale

IBU: 17 | ABV: 7.5%

Description: Have your pie and drink it too! Bold in flavor with a deep amber color, our big Baked Pumpkin Ale is sure to remind you of Grandma’s pumpkin pie. Its lasting vanilla finish will leave your taste buds craving another.


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Oktoberfest- Karl Strauss Brewing Co. 

Style: Lager

IBU: 20 | ABV: 5%

Description: We brew this lager in tribute to the world’s biggest beer party. Vienna and Munich malts produce the deep golden color, nutty undertones, and toasted malt flavors characteristic of this renowned Bavarian beer style. Perle hops imported directly from the Hallertau region of Germany yield a smooth balanced finish. This year’s batch of Oktoberfest has arrived, and it tastes like we’re in for quite the celebration. Prost!

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FestBier- Victory Brewing Co. 

Style: Märzen Lager

IBU: 20 | ABV: 5.6%

Description: Friendship and camaraderie: the two keys to any festive event. And then there’s the beer. It should be full-bodied, yet infinitely smooth. Seductively malty, with a kiss of the hops for balance. This is our Festbier. Painstakingly crafted from German malts, decoction brewed for full flavor and carefully aged for depth of character. Gather with your friends for a festive moment of Victory!
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We here at VicinityBrew software hope you have a fun-filled fall. Now throw on your scarf and head to your local brewery! If you are interested in learning more about VicinityBrew Software, and how we can help streamline your brewery operations, contact us today!

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