Introducing VicinityBrew New Brand

Introducing New VicinityBrew Branding, Have you seen our new look?


VicinityBrew has a fresh new look. We’ve recently gone through some changes as you can see from our new website and updated logo. As our software and company has grown we felt it was time to update the VicinityBrew brand in a way that clearly communicates technology for the brewing space for the market. Our team is dedicated to supporting and developing Vicinity, a brewery management software solution that provides structure, support, and scalability to your business. Vicinity software has been serving the brewing space since 2008, batch manufacturing as a whole since 2001, and in 2019 VicinityBrew has a fresh new look.

This particular symbol is an abstract illustration of the wheat germ, which is an essential ingredient in the brewing process. The mark also signifies productivity and resourcefulness.

vicinitybrew software

Our new logo offers more flexibility to be used in a variety of formats. It is versatile enough to incorporate the imagery better throughout our application. Our new branding needed to convey everything VicinityBrew stands for. The new VicinityBrew brand had to be, primarily apparent that our software solution caters to batch manufacturers in the brewing space, that we understand the complexities involved in your processes, that we are dependable partners, and above all else, we are client-oriented. Most importantly, the new VicinityBrew brand provides familiarity and coordinates with our parent organization Vicinity software serving batch manufacturers across chemical and food processing industries.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this big change for our group. Our new website is the first unveiling of VicinityBrew’s new brand, our team is excited and ready to showcase the update at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, Colorado this April. Be sure to visit us in booth # 8113 between the latest features and functionality to streamline your brewing processes and our fresh new look there will be plenty to talk about.

You can learn more about our rebrand here.

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