QuickBooks Connect Recap – What’s Next for QuickBooks Software?

Our team attended QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, CA earlier this month. The conference was a great atmosphere full of QuickBooks software users, partners, and developers, working together to provide solutions and inspire success among the crowd for Online and Desktop.

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The event opened up with a keynote address from Brad Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Intuit. During his opening speech, Brad stressed the importance of being adaptable. He talked about the idea of confronting change as an opportunity rather than a challenge and how you need to know the parts of yourself that will not change so that you can adapt other aspects to achieve progress, understanding the answers to three fundamental questions about yourself and your business:

  1. What is your Value?
  2. What is your Mission?
  3. What is your measure of success?

Reflective of Intuit’s corporate mission “to power prosperity around the world for small businesses,” Brad closed his session by reminding us that life requires a team spirit, in which we need to embrace each other.


The brewing industry is an excellent example of where Brad’s closing sentiment rings true. Not many other places do you witness the comradery that you see throughout the craft beer world. It is no wonder that market segment has experienced such unprecedented growth over the past few years.


After the keynote, Sasan Goodarzi, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Small Business at Intuit took the stage to discuss new development and the direction of the QuickBooks Software technology platform. New development focuses on three primary areas:

  1. Smart Connections – Community & Information
  2. Smart Decisions – Artificial Intelligence
  3. Smart Money – SMB Financing Opportunities


QuickBooks SoftwareSmart Connections” encompasses both community and the power of information. QuickBooks software is building out profile resources similar to LinkedIn. QuickBooks Smart Connections is aiming to help users find qualified software partners and QuickBooks Advisors most relevant to their unique business needs and challenges. That may be a specific requirement around job costing or expertise with a niche industry such as craft beer. In addition to connecting individuals across the QuickBooks Online ecosystem, Smart Connections is also a resource where QuickBooks can share aggregate data to help users gain insights on their market position or price points for vendor evaluation.


QuickBooks SoftwareSmart Decisions” is aimed to easily inform business owners with quick, accessible answers to their everyday questions.  Intuit has been beta testing the new QuickBooks Online assistant and AI learning powered application to help users get quick answers to regular business questions. Bypassing the convenience of financial dashboards users can quickly ask the QuickBooks Online assistant pointed questions such as “What was my P&L this month compared to last?” and receive timely answers.



QuickBooks SoftwareSmart Money” is a new way for Intuit to empower clients to help jump-start or grow their business. Intuit has recently launched QuickBooks Capital in which users can apply for financing directly from Intuit. While analyzing some small business data, Intuit has emphasized how difficult it can be for small businesses to maintain predictive cash flow.

  • 2/3 of QuickBooks customers get invoices paid post 60 days
  • 70% of startups require funding in the first year, but only 20% qualify

As a way to power the businesses of QuickBooks software customers, users can now apply and invest in their future using QuickBooks Capital.


Throughout the conference, there were a number of sessions that showcased the spirit and power of entrepreneurs who have found success running their businesses on QuickBooks software.


One example is entrepreneur Julie Rice of Soul Cycle, who encouraged attendees to take a “high road, long view” focus on what you want to do and continue to put positive things in the world.


Infamous Shonda Rhimes closed the show explaining the power of a narrative, “It’s not the story; it’s how you tell it… the storyteller makes the story!” describing her journey in believing that she would rule network television, and the success that has followed.


Your brewery is all about your beer, your brand story, and the tools you use to support and grow your business. VicinityBrew is dedicate to delivering a brewery specific software solution catered to the evolving needs of the craft brewing industry. Our team’s story is aims to provide your business with a niche software solution to address your everyday business operations and ensure your brewery’s back of house is thriving with information! Contact our team to learn more today.

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QuickBooks Connect 2018 will return to San Jose, November 5-7 next year. Registration is 50% off through May 2018 if you or your team is interested in attending.