Release 4.39 quarterly update highlights Q2 2022


Vicinity Release 4.39 Now Available!

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Batch Entry Ribbon Tabs Persisted

Previously in Batch Entry only the File and Home ribbon tabs were always visible. Other ribbon tabs (e.g., End Items, Procedure, Quality Additions and Additional Costs) were only displayed when the associated section was active in the window.

Now all contextual ribbon tabs are always displayed, regardless of which section is active. Selecting a tab expands that section.

Watch this how-to video here.

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Proposed Cost Import

Proposed Cost Import is a new feature that populates the Vicinity Proposed Cost table directly from an Excel spreadsheet. It can also create an Excel “template” file that can be exported, updated and then imported into Vicinity.

Learn more here.

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Production Calendar Batch/Planned Order Tooltip Enhancement

The tooltip that is displayed when a user hovers the mouse over a calendar batch or planned order has been expanded to display additional information in the Production Calendar and Production Schedule.

Specifically, the tooltip now includes the Batch/Planned Order Number, Start Date, Finish Date, Formula, Component Description, Quantity Ordered, UOM, Planned Order Notes, and Batch End Item Notes.

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Notes Added to Planned Orders

Planned Orders have been enhanced with a new Notes field.

Watch this video now. 

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Add Multiple End Item Lines for Single Component

The Batch Entry End Items section has been enhanced with the ability to insert multiple copies of an end item line for a single Component ID and optionally provide a quantity. This functionality can be invoked from the Insert button in the End Items ribbon tab menu or from the right-click context menu in the End Items section by selecting the Insert Multiple End Items option.

Watch this how-to video here.


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