What the heck is Microsoft Dynamics®?

If you are running a brewery, whether it’s a start up or a large brewery, you probably know that an accounting/distribution system is necessary to keep your business growing. Your brewery needs a software system to manage financials, reporting, daily operations, and more. VicinityBrew Software integrates with Quickbooks Online® for the smaller breweries who aren’t ready to switch to a formal ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, system. For those companies who are ready for a more robust system, we also integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, a complete ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Despite the fact that there are many other ERP solutions available, such as SAP Business One, Sage, and NetSuite, we chose to integrate with Microsoft’s ERP solutions because of it’s depth of core functionality and ease of implementation to deliver and support high customer satisfaction ratings. Together, VicinityBrew and Microsoft Dynamics offer a complete end to end solution for your brewery’s operations.

VicinityBrew’s role in the Microsoft Dynamics community is to address the unique requirements of breweries.  From recipe management to brew log processing – from quality to scheduling, VicinityBrew provides what is needed to address the operational concerns of craft brewing and integrates identically well with each of the Microsoft Dynamics offerings.

Microsoft Dynamics as a brand is scalable which allows companies to start with what you need now, and easily adapt as your needs change—in the cloud or on your servers.  The key is to identify the flavor of Dynamics that is right for your business.

Rest assured that no matter your choice, VicinityBrew works with these great Microsoft Dynamics accounting and distribution offerings to build a complete, industry-specific ERP solution.

In 2001, Microsoft® entered the ERP software market through the acquisition of four premier applications in that market at that time.  Microsoft then rebranded them all under the name Microsoft Dynamics and took control of all development efforts. Since that time Microsoft has grown to become a significant player in the market. With cloud and mobile options already available, they are in it for the long run. Each of the four applications have strong and extensive installation bases of customers. Microsoft has become a dominant player in the ERP industry.

Microsoft Dynamics is the brand name for the accounting and distribution solutions. VicinityBrew software integrates exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics providing specific production and quality functionality to breweries.

Microsoft Dynamics

At VicinityBrew, we integrate with three of the four accounting solutions offered by Microsoft Dynamics. Specifically, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, and NAV. To learn more about our Quickbooks Online and Microsoft Dynamics integrations, contact us today.

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