Wrap up of summer brews from VicinityBrew friends 🍻

We’ve had fun this summer highlighting brews from our VicinityBrew friends…here’s the wrap-up!

Cheers!! 🍻🍻



Our brew friends brew some great beer and we’ve enjoyed highlighting some of our favorites this summer! 

Summer 2022 – #1 – It’s hot out there…summer beers to beat the heat

Summer 2022 #2 – Summertime vibes only

Summer 2022 #3 – SPF 50…It’s getting hot in here

Summer 2022 #4 – Dog days of Summer


And while we’re at it, below is the series from 2021…



Summer 2021 Post #1: Summer, summer, summertime beers 

Summer 2021 Post 2: More summer, summer, summertime beers

Summer 2021 Post #3: Summer lovin’, it happened so fast…Summer beers

Summer 2021 Beer, our favorite 4-letter word. More summer beers from our VicinityBrew friends

Summer 2021 Post 5: High five…5th in our summer series


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