VicinityBrew helps breweries comply with US TTB and beer Excise tax as well as international reporting requirements. 

TTB Brewers report of operations

Do you generate your TTB report manually in your existing system?

All US breweries have to prepare the TTB Brewers Report of Operations. It might be on a quarterly or monthly basis, but all have to prepare it. VicinityBrew automates this process by reading usage and production data from fermentation and packaging logs. It also allows you to code unique occurrences to specific lines on the report, all without any customization.

  • Automates the process of gathering usage and production data
  • Every cell on the report can be customized to address unique brewery requirements
  • Supports alternating proprietorships
  • Addresses multiple-brewery reporting with ease
  • Data behind all cells is auditable and can be exported to Excel

Beer Excise Tax

How are you compiling your beer excise tax data today?

Most US breweries have excise tax issues to address. Most are summarizing invoice details manually in Excel and calculating the tax due by jurisdiction by hand. VicinityBrew automates the process of retrieving sales and movement data, compiles the information by jurisdiction, and calculates the excise tax owed.

• Automatically pulls invoice detail from sales history
• Supports excise tax on on-premise transfers to the tasting room
• Addresses serving tank usage and the beer excise tax triggers
• Flexible reporting to handle an unlimited number of jurisdictions.

International Reporting

Does your current system support the unique reporting requirements of international agencies?

International breweries or US breweries shipping into foreign countries have unique reporting challenges. Not all countries report the same way and most have different rules. VicinityBrew provides flexiblity to extract, compile, and report results of operations a number of ways. We will work with you to ensure the reporting requirements are addressed for each jurisdiction.

• Automated retrieval of production data for international reporting
• Customizable reporting to address the unique requirements of international agencies
• Report multiple jurisdictions for those that ship internationally