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Sales Order Management

  • Send invoices directly to customers from the system via email
  • Clone past orders to easily fill new or repeated items, with the ability to make small adjustments
  • View real time inventory levels, stock status report- what is on hand, what items are uncommitted, and item availability for distribution
  • Input sales orders directly into the system to be reviewed by operations and production planning
  • Access the system from a web enabled device such as a tablet
  • Designate prices by product or customer
  • Export various items at one time with bulk invoice management
  • Customize your workflow process and add rules to workflows
  • Post and email to the customer as you forward a document to next workflow

Sales Forecasting

  • Use past sales history to drive out future sales forecast
  • Populate VicinityBrew’s forecasting table to drive out MRP, or manually schedule production
  • Import and export with an easy to use Excel forecasting template, or
  • Utilize live API integrations to forecasting solutions such as SkuBrain Forecasting

Sales Data Reports

  • Review sales channels against each other to highlight top performers
  • Review sales by brand and barrel
  • Employ the Estimate and Order by Customer report that summarizes future shipments by day and by customer
  • Utilize Query Summary Reports, for example – month to date sales
  • Use dynamic grid reports to easily adjust and customize reports to view your exact needs
  • Export to a .PDF or .CSV document easily, if needed
  • Utilize branded Bill of Lading, Pick List and Invoice forms for your brewery

Inventory Control

  • Direct visibility into current inventory levels and stock counts
  • demand is met in a timely manner with new sales that are automatically netted against current production and inventory levels
  • Sync customers, interactions, and transactions with an audit trail that is built into each customer card

Keg Management

  • Track your own kegs as inventory items, associate items with customers as they cycle through use
  • Send your packaging schedule with the touch of a button to automate your keg orders
  • Utilize an API Integration with 3rd party keg management company, MicroStar
  • Track how many times a keg has been cycled through distribution, and maintenance

Customer Relations

  • Track all sales activity and statuses with account based Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • Manage customer activity record non-sales and inventory “interactions” on site visits, sales calls, etc.
  • Audit trail is built into each customer card to sync customers, interactions, and transactions

Mobile Data Collection

  • Streamline data entry by using barcode scanning devices to record inventory transactions such as stock counts, site transfers, adjustments, returns and more
  • Access sales orders and read real time inventory levels from a tablet or approved internet enabled mobile device with our browser interface


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