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Centralized Data

  • Replace multi source silos, excel, whiteboard, google/outlook calendar, etc.
  • Utilize dynamic, real time data, shared in a centralized location across your organization
  • Consider all known demand sources for scheduling with integrated, data connected sales orders and forecasts
  • Streamline your production planning and scheduling to provide a complete picture of the brewery’s production outlook
  • View all brews in process by style or brand
  • Use a real-time representation of the brewery’s production schedule
  • Know the data you’re looking at is the most relevant, up to date version. No more whiteboards, spreadsheets, word documents or other siloed sources of information

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • Visualize the raw materials needed for production, based on sales and production demands, with VicinityBrew Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Order raw materials and plan production much easier with Material Requirements Planning
  • Outline your production schedule based on sales orders and forecasted demand
  • Account for inventory dedicated to currently planned production orders and batches in process
  • Plan requirements for as many raw material items as needed, with customizable Unit of Measurement (UOM)
  • Set your raw materials’ minimum safety stock, production lead times, and purchase lead times

Visual Calendar

  • Schedule production and replace whiteboards and spreadsheets with VicinityBrew’s interactive, digital calendar
  • Utilize Flexible View: filter by day, month, year, type of production (brew, fermentation, packaging) or piece of equipment (brewhouse, fermenter, brite tank, packaging line)
  • Highlight scheduling conflicts overlapped in a specific tank
  • Open an existing production log or create new production logs by simply double clicking
  • Use a simplified user interface to easily make quick adjustments, including a drag and drop feature, enabling users to make changes on the fly
  • Automate notifications of shortages or new orders not accounted for
  • View a real-time representation of the brewery’s production schedule

Brewery Specific Production Set Up

  • Group production by brand or recipe to drive out demand at the brite beer level
  • Create multiple finished good items from one single batch ticket.
  • Bypass the creation of source production logs for each individual end item (bottle, keg, can)
  • Blend tanks with tank blending by combining/consuming batches into a single log
  • View all brews in process by style or brand
  • Utilize flexible unit of measure conversions from finished good items: cases, cans, barrels, gallons, etc.


  • Export historical depletions to plan for future demands more accurately
  • Generate intuitive daily, weekly, or monthly forecasts based off historical sales
  • Import data easily from anywhere using CSV files, or connect your forecast with the live API integration with forecasting software such as SkuBrain
  • Connect forecasts directly to MRP engine to read demand against sales orders, current production and inventory levels
  • Automate unit of measure conversions from end item SKU’s to gallons or barrels
  • Detect seasonal trends and whether trends exist for each of your brews
  • Take advantage of VicinityBrew forecasting which takes care of all the heavy lifting to make sure that forecasts are reconciled across all levels of your forecasting hierarchy


  • Identify, all batches associated with a component or raw material item with the Where Used Report
  • View the schedule by period, formula and machine and highlight shortages and potential conflicts for review. View detailed activity for any item – including quantity on hand, forecasted demand, sales orders and scheduled production. View the production schedule on one screen.
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Production Schedule – Grouping
Production Schedule – Grouping
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Gantt Chart Production Schedule
Gantt Chart Production Schedule
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Planning for Production Loss
Planning for Production Loss
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