About VicinityBrew

A scalable software product designed for brewers.

VicinityBrew is a powerful brewing software system that grows with your business

Our feature-rich software helps brewers:

Manage multiple recipes

Control inventory

Improve quality assurance

Increase profits

Eliminate redundancies

Reduce costs

VicinityBrew is an affordable brewery software that can be customized to your specific needs.

We have responsive technical support, skilled business consultation, a wide variety of free resources, and a sales process that puts you first. We're more than a software provider. We're a partner.


"We wanted a solution that would both improve production efficiency and allow our front office and production facility to communicate better… We knew Vicinity was built specifically for process manufacturers. Even more importantly, we knew that we had a partner that would listen to our changing needs, and ensure that Vicinity would address those needs in future releases of the product.”

Robin Conner
President, Mother Murphy's Laboratories

About Our Company

In 2001, Vicinity Manufacturing™ was founded by three passionate men who each worked for large enterprise companies in the fields of finance, software development, and systems consulting. In 2010, Vicinity Manufacturing launched VicinityBrew®, the very first brewery management ERP system specifically for the craft brewing industry within the Microsoft Dynamics® channel. It is best know as Brewery Management Software by many craft breweries.


In 2015, VicinityBrew software expanded it’s offering to include a QuickBooks Online® integrated solution. Now, there is no reason to leave Quickbooks until you and your accountant are ready. When the time comes to leave Quickbooks, you can make a seamless transition to Microsoft Dynamics ERP to enhance financial and distribution controls, without having to change your brewery platform.

VicinityBrew with Microsoft Dynamics or Quickbooks Online enables breweries to meet fluctuating demands of customer requirements for quality, delivery, and price. Key functionality includes inventory control, centralized recipe management, batch ticket processing, quality control and testing, lot traceability and recall, automated TTB reporting, excise tax reporting, production planning, and visual scheduling.

Our Team


621A2034 (2)

Randy Smith

CEO & Co-Founder 

Seth Abady

Co-Founder & Director of Development


Jennifer Sweat

Director of Technical Support

Robert Cosio

Implementation Consultant


Steve Kalina

Director of Professional Services

621A1921 (2)

Beth Cursio

Technical Support Consultant 


Jen Childress

Director of Marketing

621A1965 (2)

Beth Manley

Account Manager

Caitlyn Murphy

Office Manager

Brenon Smith

Senior Software Engineer

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