Announcing VicinityBrew’s New Production Schedule Screen!

With our latest 4.20 release of VicinityBrew Software, our team has made big strides in supporting flexible brewery management software with an evolving interface to meet customer needs! The latest version of VicinityBrew was rolled out this past October and includes a brand-new screen, The Production Schedule. This screen offers a new way to deliver information using a Gantt Chart display, providing a new user interface for scheduling and reviewing production.

Users can easily identify relationships between different batch stages, as well as create links between batches without having to directly access individual logs, and can make time frame adjustments with the new production schedule.

The links create and support a master formula relationship, which persists as changes are made, such as scaling batch size, or adjusting the execution date. The ability to create relationships by linking interdependent batches together allows users to mirror the nature of their actual production while tracking yields within stages as well as incorporating quality data.

production schedule

The functionality of multi-level production logs with variable inputs and outputs, is nothing new. The production scheduling system and a visual representation of this data has been available with VicinityBrew’s Calendar screen. Using the Calendar, users can see and schedule batch types, such as brew, fermentation, or packaging, in a calendar format similar to Outlook or Google Calendar. The Calendar also supports a resource view where users can view production logs allocated or filtered by piece of equipment or resource. Adjustments can be made to the date scheduled or time frame initially allocated to the batch. The new Gantt Chart display available in the Production Schedule screen offers a new user experience with a more intuitive format than the Calandar screen offers.

Beyond the visual Gantt Chart display of scheduled and planned production runs, the new production schedule screen supports a variety of grouping, filtering and time scale adjustments to alter or narrow a user’s focus. This is great for users who want to focus on a particular brand. For example, you can view the master schedule for all IPA. Alternately, users may want to focus on a particular batch type, such as fermentation, as well as a combination of these filters or alternate views.

Check out our YouTube channel to view this functionality first hand. Randy Smith, our CEO, leads the team through a walk-through of filtering, grouping, and linking various batches – as well as making quick adjustments on individual records.

In addition to the new Production Schedule screen, VicinityBrew has released an integration to Google Drive, with new settings to easily adjust individual UI settings by a users login. The Google Drive integration extends users’ ability to connect data within the system, with the ability to push documents directly to Google Drive or create links to existing documentation stored in a shared or authorized Google Drive account. For a complete list of some of the new features and functionality our team has rolled out, please contact our team today.