Avoid the Pitfalls of Excel for Breweries

While Excel is a great tool for analysis and to represent data, Excel is an awful database for breweries.

Have you ever spent hours scrolling through Excel spreadsheets?

There are a lot of nice things about Excel for Breweries:

It’s convenient: if you have Microsoft Office, you already have it. The odd’s are you’re familiar with it from past experiences. If not, there are a variety of support and resources readily available such as YouTube or ebooks. Lastly, lots of breweries (as in “everybody’s” doing it), and there is a ton of work to compare to or share certain processes.

You will get to a point where you’ve spent time building spreadsheets with various formulas and formatting which are organizing all of your business data…
Beyond the additional time it can take you to find answers or track data, a simple typo can turn your workbook into a Rubik’s cube of data and there is no way to correct the spreadsheet–not the puzzle you want to be solving at work.RESZpicjumbo.com_HNCK2423

Here are a few of the issues:

  • Retrieving data from any but the most simplistic query quickly becomes a complicated process
  • Excel offers little to no data validation OR protection against data corruption- such as hard drive failure or damage. There is no automatic backup
  • Beyond the internal limitations—Connecting data across departments is difficult (QC to Brewing to Accounting). Importing and exporting any document you are collaborating on can quickly turn into a game of telephone with variations of the truth along touch points

Don’t put your data or business at risk by leveraging a tool that was never designed to serve particular functions.

Excel for Breweries

Using a Brewery Management Tool:

  • Gain multi-use access
  • Avoid data duplication–or duplicate efforts in general–by connecting the silos across departments and eliminating data overlap, your data is now dynamic-with real-time updates across departments
  • Get a solution with the structure & feature functionality already built in to cater to your brewery needs and enhance your business operations: finance, production scheduling, quality and more. Rather than building your own data flow through a tool that was not designed to process data for ongoing operations

Avoid the pitfalls that overuse of Excel for breweries can cause in your business. Contact us today to take a look at how VicinityBrew Online can streamline your data into the next step in growing your brewery.

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