Complete Ingredient Tracking as a Brewery’s Advantage

Consumers are thirsty for knowledge. Nielsen’s consumer market report for the alcohol and beverage space noted that 80% of craft beer drinkers are “health conscious” and favor quality over calorie. Craft beer drinkers see the value in understanding what they are consuming.

Independent brewers use little to no “chemical additives,” something that big beer cannot claim. Budweiser, as well as other big breweries, do not have to disclose their full ingredient list or provide clarity as to what is in their brews. If they did, the ingredient list would look very different from that of a typical craft brewer.

ingredient tracking

Can your Brewery Software Support Complete Ingredient Tracking?

Does your brewery software support visibility and clear ingredient tracking? At a basic level, your brewery software should be able to produce a straightforward ingredient tracking summary of all materials used in an end item.

VicinityBrew Software is able to identify and track all raw materials used in each brew variation. This includes ingredient tracking for each process, beyond the initial brew-adjuncts (general fermentation addition), quality compensations, blending, or specialty processing such as what goes on during your barrel aging or souring program.

Vicinity is able to document any raw material specification such as: Certificate of Analysis (CoA), Certified Organic, Non GMO or Country of Origin. Allowing users to set classifications or certifications to raw materials and track those items from start to finish throughout your process to the final packaged good. This allows you to easily query and confirm exactly what went into any given product.

Consumers are thirsty for knowledge, it is important for a brewery to be able to deliver a transparent breakdown of what truly sets your beer apart. Using a software solution built to deliver this ingredient tracking functionality out of the box with help you “play to your strengths”.

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