Make Better Purchasing Decisions

Craft brewers don’t necessarily have almighty purchasing power but a Material Requirement Planning tool can help!

Material Requirement Planning

Competition in the craft beer market, as well as environmental limitations, have pushed brewery’s hop contracts to be made years in advance. In addition, changes in vendor practices can sometimes catch you by surprise. Typical fluctuations in raw material availability, such as a bad harvest year from your supplier, can eliminate certain sources without foresight and cripple your brewery’s production schedule.

Constraints that are out of your hands can put you in a bind. This makes it critical to have a clear view of what raw materials you need and when you will need them in order to meet customer deadlines for your finished beer product.

An out of stock situation can quickly turn into a frustrating or sometimes crippling situation. Alternatively, there are certain materials that you can stockpile, but this will create added cost from storage and management that can take away from other parts of your business.

VicinityBrew MRP (Material Requirement Planning) will drive out what raw materials you need and when you need them in order to meet your actual or forecast demand of your brew.

Our system takes into account raw materials on hand and their associated safety stocks, already scheduled production runs as well as forecasts into the future while identifying any conflicts or shortages along the way.

Mapping out your brewing cycles with a transparent view into current production, materials and future demand can help by enabling purchasing to make swift adjustments as needed. This will relieve time sensitive constraints that could hinder your ability to get your finished product out the door.

VicinityBrew Planning Workbench- Derived from Material Requirement Planning

See VicinityBrew MRP (Material Requirement Planning) in action here on our Video Page or Contact Our Team today to see how VicinityBrew Software can meet all of your brewery purchasing and production needs.

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