Tracking Beer Yeast Strains with Brewery Software

Yeast management is an essential aspect of the fermentation process in a brewery and tracking key data of your yeast’s genealogy is very important.

There are Two Important Sets of Data When Tracking Beer Yeast Strains

  • The Natural Characteristics of Yeast Such as Strain and Flocculation
  • The Nurture Environmental Factors and Overall Management of Your Yeast that Are Affected by Fermentations


Individual beer yeast strains have a direct impact on the flavor and overall outcome of your beer. Re-pitching yeast can be cost-effective and can help improve the consistency of a certain product across fermentations. The challenge is to be able to predict and replicate results through generations of a strain and to know when that strain has reached the end of its useful life. Is it 4, 5, 6 generations? This is pertinent information to know.

Nurture Data

  • Tracking data of your beer yeast strains and their resulting quality and sensory results is vital in gaining insight into yeast performance, quality results, and overall production.

Nature Data

  • Analyzing yeast strain properties irrespective of genealogy data is also important.

Can your system take note of the nature and nurture of yeast in your brewing process? A brewery management software solution, such as VicinityBrew, has the ability to map out and connect yeast strain data from point a to point b to tie together the strain of yeast, to a series of fermentations, to the end product.

Your brewery should be able to record all inbound yeast data provided on a certificate of analysis or the result of internal testing. With a solution such as VicinityBrew, you can define characteristics unique to specific strains, such as yeast attenuation. Connecting this data to environmental factors such as fermentation times and temperatures can help give you a more complete analysis of your fermentation and the yeast viability.

VicinityBrew can track the pitch and harvest of yeast by strain and generation. This provides a complete record of the genealogy of a strain of yeast and helps you measure flocculation within an individual strain or how a particular fermentation may have impacted the yeast. Having this series of data in one source can help your team to build a comprehensive strain profile and maintain proper re-pitching techniques.

It is crucial that your brewery has the framework set up to connect yeast data across departments, from receiving to quality to fermentation to sensory. Brewery software systems, such as VicinityBrew provides a centralized, flexible and easy to manage environment to manage your yeast program and your brewery operations. Contact us today for more information about our software!

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