VicinityBrew Software System

A manufacturing software product built for breweries

A comprehensive software system for your business

VicinityBrew is flexible beer brewing software for breweries that is built with your business in mind. Manage all of your daily operations while accounting for different recipes and multiple batches with our intuitive, user-friendly product.

VicinityBrew connects every department in your business—helping you estimate inventory capital to securely plan capacity enhancements, view real-time inventory levels, compare actual to planned raw material usage by brew, and much more.

Software built for breweries

VicinityBrew is designed to handle the unique aspects of brewing that many other systems ignore:

Variation in Process

Many systems only support fixed or linear processes. Even when producing the same product, VicinityBrew can easily account for variations in process from one batch to another.

Variation in Ingredients

When creating or brewing a particular product, many software systems require the exact same ingredients and quantities of ingredients each time. In practice, many breweries vary ingredients or quantities slightly, even for the same product. VicinityBrew is designed to handle these differences in ingredients and quantities without requiring new logs.

Variation in Packaging

Most systems require a specific batch or job to correctly do bulk production runs that require different packaging. VicinityBrew can track bulk production runs and incorporate various packaging needs based on batch size.

Multi-Stage Production Runs

Most systems are unable to map multi-stage production runs. VicinityBrew is able to manage interdependent production runs and report outputs at each stage. It can calculate variable inputs, log intermediate batches, and log by-products or co-products created during production.

VicinityBrew allows you to integrate every aspect of your business, providing every department with accurate, real-time data. Save time and money with beer brewing software designed for your unique business needs.

How VicinityBrew Works

Instead of measuring production using a traditional bill of material that is associated with a single inventory item, the VicinityBrew logs are at the recipe level. When using a recipe, VicinityBrew provides the ingredients listing, instructions, machine settings, quality observations, and operational tolerances.

To achieve this with a system based on a bill of material, you would need to set up a new bill of material for every possible combination of materials that make a product.

Take the packaging log as an example.  Most breweries package in cans, bottles, and kegs of various sizes.  The input, brite beer, is always the same but the packaging components are different based on the package type.  With VicinityBrew a single packaging log can be created that consumes an entire brite tank and records multiple package types.  A single packaging log is needed in VicnityBrew where a discrete system would require multiple packaging logs - one per package type.

Software for Breweries

Our intuitive, robust software solves the common challenges of breweries. VicinityBrew is designed to alleviate workarounds, additional data entry, and manual accounting. And it empowers your teams with a centralized data set and tools to streamline employee tasks.

VicinityBrew solves your brewing needs and improves operations in every department.

Solutions for your Business

VicinityBrew has solutions for many common problems that breweries face.