Summertime vibes only

It’s summer y’all!

Below are a few of our top picks for refreshing summer beers from a few of our VicinityBrew friends.

Cheers!! 🍻🍻




Abita Brewing Company – Tiki Rum Punch

Style: RTD crafted cocktail

IBU: —  | ABV: 8%


Bury your toes in the sand with this ready-to-enjoy Crafted Cocktail. Inspired by the life of leisure, Abita’s Tiki Rum Punch is your one-way ticket to good times and island vibes.

Abita Tiki Rum Punch

Karl Strauss Brewing Company – When Worlds Collide Grapefruit Hibiscus IPA

Style: Booch & IPA

IBU: 65 | ABV: 7.0%


After 3+ decades in the biz, we know a thing or two about beer. But you know what we’ve never done before? Infuse a beer with tea and other botanicals. Enter our friends at Boochcraft, masters of the infusion process and makers of top-notch hard kombucha. When our booch and beer worlds collided, the result was a true collaboration of new ideas and techniques! When Worlds Collide is an IPA brewed with grapefruit, dried Hibiscus, black tea, and ginger. It’s delightfully citrusy, backed by a slight tartness and warming herbal notes. And that’s the tea.

Karl Strauss Brewing When Worlds Collide IPA


SLO Brew – A-SLO-HA Tropical Hazy IPA

Style: Hazy IPA

IBU: 25 | ABV: 6.5%


Embrace the spirit of A-SLO-Ha and get swept away to an island paradise as waves of juicy hops bring light notes of citrus and tropical fruit. This crushable unfiltered IPA is a great way to unwind and Take it SLO…


Schlafly The Saint Louis Brewery – Summer Lager

Style: Helles Lager

IBU: 17 | ABV: 4.5%


To make a lager (from the German, meaning “to store”), we use a yeast that ferments the beer more slowly and at a lower temperature. It is then stored for several weeks, resulting in a beer that is exceptionally smooth. “Helles” translates from the German word for “light” (a quality reminiscent of European lagers), and our combination of malts, barley, and hops—specifically the German Noble Mittelfrüh hop—creates a bright, golden beer that imparts fresh grain characters and a spicy, lemony flavor.

Schlafly Summer Lager

Lawson’s Finest Liquids – Scrag Mountain Pilsner 

Style: Pilsner

IBU: | ABV: 4.8%

This special version of our traditional Czech Pilsner, known affectionately as “Scragarita,” is infused with lime juice and sea salt for a well-balanced dance of crisp and tart.

Lawson's Finest Liquids Scrag Mountain Pilsner


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