Improve Consistency by Automating Batch Review


Changing requirements around labeling in the craft beer space has created added pressure on reporting, tracking and overall transparency throughout production processes to produce consistent quality products for end consumers.

The nature of a brewing environment indicates that there will be variations in process, with inputs, outputs or both.

Without visibility into your production process, as it happens, small variations can have a big impact on your bottom line. An out of spec product not caught in time can lead to missed customer deadlines or a potential recall of your product.


How to gain visibility?

Knowing what and why is the key to making results matter. One of the key elements to your brewery’s success is understanding trends in your brewing process and tracking what adjustments are being made to support consistency throughout your brews.

But, how do you measure results and account for corrective action?

You need…

  • The ability to measure variations in brews, calculating results as they happen or are reported and measuring them against your company or customer standards. Such as pH, gravity, or general progress in fermentation
  • An action plan beginning with a notification process for your team if something is out of spec so that you can address the issue immediately
  • Organized data with the structure to collect and present all the necessary information at the recipe or batch level. Allowing you to collect and track any corrective action taken

Is your software or ERP solution able to track variations and provide notifications?


Having a software solution that can automate batch review can help your organization to speed up addressing problem areas.

VicinityBrew Software is able to track batch variations and provide real-time notifications to highlight any results throughout your brewing process that are outside of required specifications. These results could be yield, cost, concentration or an industry standard. Having this insight in a timely manner will empower employees with the ability to identify where each transaction came from and pinpoint it’s relation to production.

Over time this information can help strategic decision making by keeping a record of out of spec. results, allowing your team to identify and review trends.

VicinityBrew Software can help your organization avoid manufacturing mishaps and streamline operations to stay on track with its ability to automate batch review.

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