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“Craft beer is crafty and a brewery management software solution should be flexible to handle that craftiness.“

- Robert Cosio, VicinityBrew Implementation Manager

In 2001, Vicinity Manufacturing™ was founded by three passionate men who each worked for large enterprise companies in the fields of finance, software development, and systems consulting. In 2010, Vicinity Manufacturing™ launched VicinityBrew®, the very first brewery management ERP system specifically for the craft brewing industry within the Microsoft Dynamics channel. It is best know as Brewery Management Software by many craft breweries.

In 2015, VicinityBrew software expanded it's offering to include a QuickBooks integrated solution. Now, there is no reason to leave Quickbooks until you and your accountant are ready. 

When the time comes to leave Quickbooks you can make a seamless transition to Microsoft Dynamics ERP to enhance financial and distribution controls, without having to change your brewery platform. 

VicinityBrew® with Microsoft Dynamics® or Quickbooks® enables breweries to meet fluctuating demands of customer requirements for quality, delivery, and price. Key functionality includes inventory control, centralized recipe management, batch ticket processing, quality control and testing, lot traceability and recall, automated TTB reporting, excise tax reporting, production planning, and visual scheduling. Read more

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

As the first ERP system designed specifically for the craft brewing industry, VicinityBrew integrates with state-of-the-art Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, and SL. Whether your brewery produces 20,000 or hundreds of thousands of barrels per year, VicinityBrew can handle your growing brewery's operations. Read More

Quickbooks Integration

For smaller breweries who aren't ready to take on Microsoft Dynamics, VicinityBrew also integrates with Quickbooks Online. This scalable brewery management system easily grows with your business. Your team will be at ease knowing they will never have to replace their brewery software again. When you're ready, upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics is effortless. Quickbooks Online with VicinityBrew is cloud hosted and subscription based, features a rapid implementation, at a low monthly subscription rate with no contracts and no start-up fees. Read More

What we do

Production Planning and Production Control

VicinityBrew's software streamlines the entire production processes for your business. Take control of the handling of raw materials, components, intermediates, and subassemblies, from their raw stageinitial inputs to the finished product stage in an organized and efficient manner with VicinityBrew. While controlling your production processes, use the same software to efficiently plan, schedule and coordinate all production activities. VicinityBrew's easy to use production calendar makes planning your brewing process easier than ever. Read More

Quality Control

It's important to establish well-defined controls. Making consistent, quality beer is every brewery’s top priority. With VicinityBrew, you can be sure that you produce a quality brewed product every time with our easy to use quality control software. The features allow you to tag quality test results directly to a brew or raw material item. Read More


Breweries must ensure that the company complyies with a number of outside regulatory requirements and internal policies. These include, The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), state excise taxes, label approval, and more. VicinityBrew was designed to simplify and automate many of these compliance requirements and policies. There is no more worrying Save time drafting orand maintaining of these compliance procedures documents for your brewery, VicinityBrew Software will do that for you. Read More


Cash is king, especially when your company brewery is on the fast track to rapid growth. It is essential for breweries your brewery to use an accounting package with real time reporting capabilities and an integration to your core businessto production operations, aligning your business processes, whichprocesses. This is exactly what VicinityBrew provides your brewery. WetherWhether you choose to utilize Quickbooks Online or Microsoft Dynamics, managing your brewery's finances has never been easier. Read More


VicinityBrew Software's central purchasing works with other connects departments and suppliers to consolidate orders for products and uses economies of scale in order to exact cheaper prices. This central purchasing department will also simplify budgets and keep the company's spending in a centralized location that can be checked for discrepancies easily. VicinityBrew lets you review anticipated raw-material shortages based on a dynamic production schedule. Each raw-materials receipt automatically updates inventory so the latest product costs are available enterprise-wide with no additional work from the purchasing department. Read More


VicinityBrew utilizes the latest Microsoft technologies such as .NET framework 4, SRS, Crystal Reports, web services and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Our software is available via up front purchase or, by monthly subscription or a combination of bothof a license. VicinityBrew can either be run from your own server on-premise or on any hosting provider. Staying current on software maintenanceVicinityBrew is on a quarterly release schedule, keeping you up to date with means you will not encounter obsolescence due to technology advancements. Read More

Meet the Team


Jeremy Wheaton


Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Favorite Beer Right Now: Bold City Brewery 1901 Red Ale
Random Fact: I used to be a bike courier.
My Happy Place: Anywhere with my son.


Brenon Smith

Senior Software Engineer

Hometown: Woodbury, MN
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology ‘09
Favorite Beer Right Now: Sprecher’s Pub Ale
Random Fact: I love thunderstorms.
My Happy Place: Midwestern woods during autumn.


Caitlyn Murphy

Office Administrator

Hometown: Boyton Beach, FL
Kennesaw State University '16
Favorite Beer Right Now: Rodenbach Grand Cru
Random Fact: My grandmother, Rosemary Murphy, was Mrs. America in 1961.
My Happy Place: My garden.

VBrew Photo_Amanda

Amanda Gauger

Marketing Manager

Hometown: Wellington, FL
University of Central Florida '07
Favorite Beer Right Now: Country Boy's Shotgun Wedding & Due South Florida Blonde
Random Fact: I'm a total travel junkie and my bucket list includes visiting all seven continents, all 50 states, and one day hitting Delta Diamond medallion status!
My Happy Place: Colorado - Anywhere from Denver to Grand Junction


Julia Clark

Marketing Assistant

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Favorite Beer Right Now: Red Hare Long Day Lager
Random Fact: Coffee is my lifeblood
My happy place: The gym or riding dirt bikes at Lake Cachuma, CA


Randy Smith

CEO / Co-Founder

Hometown: Little Rock, AR
University of Arkansas '87
Favorite Beer Right Now: Rogue's Black IPA, Dad's Little Helper
Random Fact: I am a private pilot and love photography
My happy place: Barbados, West Indies, or in Reynold's Stadium watching the Hogs play in Fayetteville, AR.


Seth Abady

Development / Co-Founder

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
San Diego State Universty '85
Favorite Beer Right Now: Sierra Nevada's Northern Hemisphere Harvest
Random Fact: Played professionally in a disco band in the late 70's early 80's
My happy place: Going 140 down straight at Willow Springs racetrack


Jennifer Sweat

Lead Technical Support

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Virginia Tech '93
Favorite Beer Right Now: Starr Hill's Northern Lights IPA
Random Fact: I can sing the Greek Alphabet to the tune of "Da Doo Ron Ron"
My happy place: Smith Mountain Lake



Kaitlyn McKendry

Marketing Manager

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Kennesaw State University '13
Favorite Beer Right Now: Highland Brewing's RazorWit
Random Fact: 86% of the time, I enjoy learning random statistical facts.
My happy place: Any plush comfy chair


Robert Cosio

Brewery Consultant

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL to Los Angeles, CA now happily in Star, ID
Favorite Beer Right Now: Payette Mutton Buster and Sockeye Dagger Falls IPA
Random Fact: I was once in an '80's big hair band
My happy place: Jammin' on some blues

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