Get more out of your VicinityBrew system with various ways to analyze data. From Microsoft SSRS and Crystal Reports, to our proprietary query tool called VicinityView, to Excel-based dashboards and Power BI, we have you covered.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) or Crystal ReportS

What industry standard report writers does your system support?

VicinityBrew standard reports are all created using Crystal Reports or SSRS. This means you can change them or ask us to do it. No reports are proprietary, so you can get them just the way you want them. No worries.

  • Crystal Reports is used for all standard reports
  • All reports can be viewed with no additional cost. If you want to change them, we can do that or you can purchase a Crystal Reports license and do it yourself
  • Every version of SQL server has SSRS loaded. This is included in the SQL licensing. With some programming knowledge, you can also write reports in SSRS or you can ask us to do that
  • Your organization or Vicinity can modify reports and write new ones

VicinityView — Proprietary Query tool

Does your existing system allow users to query data in their system without writing a report or exporting to Excel first?

No need to write a report when you have VicinityView. This is a tool that allows a user read-only access to any data they have rights to see. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, non-programmers can get to any data they can see in the system. It is all secured by user logins and new queries can be added with a moment's notice.

  • All queries are based on SQL views — those who know SQL can build their own queries
  • Any data in the VicinityBrew system can be accessed
  • Data not in VicinityBrew but in SQL can also be accessed from VicinityView
  • Any field can be searched in a query
  • Grouping can be done on any field
  • Column restrictions allow users to see only the data they want to see, making for a more streamlined approach to reviewing data
  • Settings can be saved as favorites for later use
  • Any data can be exported to Excel based on user-configured views
  • Add user-defined lists and queries with no programming


Can you access data from your existing system in Excel without exporting to Excel?

Excel is a great analysis tool but not a very good database. It is an easy tool to use and most computers have access to it. The fatal flaw of most systems is that they require the data to be exported out of the system and into Excel for further analysis. VicinityBrew allows for the data to remain in the system and the spreadsheets are updated automatically when the document is opened. This model makes that data more timely, reduces errors in keying data, and grants access to any data in the system.

  • Build custom queries of VicinityBrew data within Excel
  • Custom dashboards can be built using wizard-based tools within Excel
  • Connect VicinityBrew and Excel to receive updates as soon as the spreadsheet is opened

power BI from Office 365

Do you have Office 365 and were you aware you might have access to a power dashboard tool?

Breweries have a wide range of users needing access to system data. Salespeople often travel a significant amount and need access to data remotely. Others are more comfortable with a custom dashboard built just for them, showing data how they want to see it and nothing else. VicinityBrew data is accessible to Power BI out of the box. Power BI is a browser-based tool that often runs on tablets or phones. Its purpose is to display lists or graphs on a portable basis leveraging custom-defined dashboards. This is the new age in report writing.

  • Use Excel to build dashboards
  • Make the dashboards available to users on iPads, Macs, or phones with no effort
  • Automated data sync from VicinityBrew to Power BI. No additional user interaction is needed