VicinityBrew is brewery accounting software that helps breweries understand their current cost of production, project cost changes in the future, and calculate anticipated costs for brands still in development. 

Quickbooks Online
Microsoft Dynamics/ Dynamics 265 Business Central


What financial system are you currently using? Can you stay with QuickBooks or is it time to upgrade?

VicinityBrew is integrated to QuickBooks Online and Microsoft Dynamics products, including GP, NAV, SL, and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Breweries can start where they are in QuickBooks today and grow into a larger financial system when the time is right.

  • QuickBooks Brew = QuickBooks Online handles GL, AP, and AR
  • Microsoft Dynamics Brew (NAV, GP, and SL) = Financials and distribution are in Dynamics
  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Brew = Private Hosted or On-Premise
  • If you are already on Quickbooks, you can stay there and upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics when you are ready — on your time
  • Brewery accounting software that is written to meet your needs today and grow with you tomorrow

Actual Cost of production

Can your current system give you a cost per barrel of beer without manual effort? Is it time to better understand your cost of production?

VicinityBrew is brewery accounting software that tracks all production costs to a log. These costs include ingredients, labor, machine costs, and factors in yield. The result is a cost per barrel produced on each log.

• Barrel cost includes ingredients, additional costs (labor and overhead), and packaging by package type
• The yield of a log is factored into the actual cost of production. Actual log costs are spread out over actual barrels produced
• Quality adjustments, like dry hopping, are included in the actual production costs of a log
• The output of a brew log becomes the ingredient for a fermentation log. Actual costs are transferred for the cost of wort into the fermentation log automatically

Anticipated Costs

How does your current system help calculate the new cost of production when hop contracts change? Do you do a cost roll-up manually or just ignore it?

The cost of production changes over time. This can be a change in a hop contract cost or a bottle price change. VicinityBrew allows anticipated or projected costs to be used in a cost roll-up. This way, when the new cost is determined, VicinityBrew can calculate the new cost of production before the first inventory is received or the cost is reflected in the inventory value. VicinityBrew is the last brewery accounting software package you will ever need.

  • Change ingredient costs on an item-by-item basis or upload cost changes from Excel
  • Costs can be stored for later use and multiple cost models can be saved
  • VicinityBrew ships with a cost roll-up tool. This allows a user to calculate the production cost of packaged beer given a change in ingredients such as hops