4.30 FEATURE VIDEO – VicinityView Query for Out Of License

Check out this feature video that was added to our recent 4.30 Release.

4.30 VicinityView Query for Out Of License

This addition to 4.30 is useful when looking up licensing information and the users associated with those licenses. The user is able to see the current login information such as who is logged in under each license and what computer.

Under the “User Count Exceeded” reports, there is a summary view that shows the User ID, computer in use and date the event occurred when the user was locked out. In the detailed view, the user will also see the other IDs logged in at the same time the event occurred.

This gives the user the ability to better understand the licensing needs and uses to determine if there is overlapping, whether users are not logging out, if licenses are not in use regularly, or if there is a need to purchase more licenses.

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