Managing Production Shortages

Managing production shortages Manually add to the schedule or you can use an MRP process that runs on-schedule or on-demand. A regeneration process will tell the system to run when you need help, based on the dates and data entered or pressing the “Regenerate Now” button when needed. The system will read your data and…

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Safety Stock & Planned Orders

Safety stock and planned orders How do the planned orders or scheduled batches come about? A walkthru of the details and information available to the user, including an explanation of how to use and what the details mean.

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Planning for Production Loss

Planning for production loss Every process you do can have an anticipated yield based on a percentage on a style and SKU level (process-level). Auto adjust production plans for standard batch yield or production loss to meet Gross Demand Requirements.

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Gantt Chart Video

Gantt Chart Production Schedule

Gantt Chart Production Schedule Added to the production scheduling area in a Gantt chart view. This screen is a replacement for existing functionality around the calendar. Always able to view in a month and resource view and now the resource view screen gets replaced by the production schedule feature. View the schedule in a Gantt…

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data entry

Three NEW Screens for VicinityBrew Software in 2018

  VicinityBrew® has added functionality with new screens for production planning, data entry, and customizable settings to keep brewers on track for operational excellence.   Over the past year, VicinityBrew® has focused on developing a balanced application with a rich feature set, along with an easy to use interface. Our brewery specific recipe based application…

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production schedule

Announcing VicinityBrew’s New Production Schedule Screen!

With our latest 4.20 release of VicinityBrew Software, our team has made big strides in supporting flexible brewery management software with an evolving interface to meet customer needs! The latest version of VicinityBrew was rolled out this past October and includes a brand-new screen, The Production Schedule. This screen offers a new way to deliver…

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Breaking the Habit of Brewing to Capacity

For many breweries, brewing to capacity has been the number one constraint for individual growth. When your demand outpaces your supply, it often creates one of those uncomfortable situations that might be considered a “good problem to have.” This scenario has been a common circumstance for many craft brewers. In response, many breweries have been…

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skubrain forecasting

Enhanced Forecasting Software Webinar

In December 2016 at Brewbound’s Session in San Diego, we announced our newest integration with SkuBrain’s Demand Forecasting Software, a Halo BI product. This new and exciting integration extends VicinityBrew’s scheduling functionality with flexible, dynamic, and proven forecasting software for brewers delivering enhanced demand and production planning. SKU Brain can read sales history from VicinityBrew…

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Large sized breweries

Large-Sized Craft Brewery Growing Pains & Solutions

Let’s take a look at large-sized craft breweries (who, generally speaking, produce over 100k BBL annually) and the most common business challenges they face. When breweries reach this level, it’s all about bringing things together. Managing multiple production facilities, defining more precise operations with process steps built into recipes, and integrating with control systems. This…

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medium brew

Medium-Sized Craft Brewery Growing Pains & Solutions

Let’s take a look at medium-sized craft breweries (who produce between 20k and 100k BBL annually) and the most common business challenges they face. As you grow, your brewery will have an increasing need for a robust financial and distribution application. As your production grows, so does your brewery’s need for a management system with greater functionality.…

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