4.34 FEATURE VIDEO – Assign Lot Number When End Item Entered

Check out this feature video that was added to our recent 4.34 Release.

Assign Lot Number When End Item Entered

Hello, I want to take a minute to go over functionality added to our March 2021 release which would be our version 4.34. Specifically, I want to talk about a lot assignment, lot number assignment to an end item being put on a batch. Currently prior to this release of the lot number gets assigned at the time, the end item complete now quantity is entered.

So in this case, I want to make 50 units. Go ahead and tell them I’m going to put 49 on hand and a lot number it gets assigned automatically. Remember that we have done a lot of work around auto assigning lot numbers in the configuration of this lot number, some of you may only be using the batch number as the lot number, which is perfectly fine.

And we also now have configured to assign that lot number. That has been around for a few releases. The part that is new and [00:01:00] unique is when this lot number actually gets assigned to that end item. As I said in previous releases, it was with the entry of a complete. Now now I’m going to leave this batch.

I’m going to get rid of that end item. We’ll talk a little bit about where this setting comes from. So we have now the ability to have the lot number assigned automatically. When we actually enter the end item, not just when you enter the quantity and it picks up that data starting from the batch type.

So in my demo environment, I’ve actually got three batch types brew from it and package. This is my brewery database. And more specifically under the batch type. If you navigate down to the area where you’re actually defining the lot number set up by batch type, right here there is a selection that says assign a lot number when the end item is added.

In this case specifically to the batch. So I’m gonna go ahead and check that and we’ll say save and close and we’ll re inquire that same batch. Remember I deleted the end item intentionally up prior to leaving, so I should have no end items listed here. So [00:02:00] I’m coming in, I’m entering a new batch.

I’m creating it. And some people like to have that lot number automatically assigned even before we enter a quantity. And here you have it. We now have the anticipated lot number for this batch already, even before I even enter a quantity required, much less before I enter it complete now. This can be really helpful if you need that lot number to print on documents you know, upfront at the beginning of the batch, whether that be on the batch ticket itself or the log, or whether it be on,

say maybe labels or things like that. So now we have a lot number assigned automatically. Now we actually have taken this a little further. This, what I just showed you, is defined at the batch type level. So in that case, I had three batch types. You may not actually use batch types, or maybe you want this functionality more globally by facility.

So let me go ahead and save this. And we will navigate over to the facility setup. So in this case, it’s under  set up, company, facilities. And I’ve got a few [00:03:00] facilities here. I’m going to go ahead and focus in on the one. I normally do this production for. So it’s Georgia. If I do not have a batch type or I do not have not checked the box on the batch type level, the system will next come and look at the facility.

So it starts at the batch type. If it doesn’t find anything on the batch type, it goes to the facility setup. I can assign it here, assign a lot number when an item is added, save and close and I’ll re inquire that batch. I think it was five 33. I’ll go ahead and pick up batch number. And now when I assign that end item, let’s assume he wasn’t there.

assign the end item here and apply it.  I pick up that lot number. So the first place it does, it goes and looks on batch type. And then if it doesn’t find something for batch type, it goes to facility. If it doesn’t go to phase, there’s nothing on facility, then it will be blank. This lot number be blank.

Can you get, enter yourself or, or revert back to the complete now. Waiting for the complete now [00:04:00] quantity to be entered. Now this happens on batch entry as I just showed you, but it can also happen in create batches. So think you have all these planned orders out here. You haven’t created batches and you want to go create a batch for a same type of formula.

I can come in and say selected. This is the planned order I want to convert to a batch. I can tell it to create batch and really what I’m pointing out is right here. This lot number has automatically been assigned. At the time that we go to create the batch. So we’ve now got it persisted again, if you’re running reports and things like that, you now have that batch number, that lot number, that will automatically put on that batch.

So I hope that helps. Feel free to kind of work with that with your batch types, as well as your facility. If you also need some assistance on auto assigning lot numbers, and you’re having trouble finding that, just shoot a message to support. We’re happy to help you and help you configure that.

Hope that helps and look forward to any feedback you can give us.