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Three Reasons Why We Leverage Partners to Create Better Brewery Software


Traditionally there are two approaches to software solutions, commonly referred to as “All in One” and “Best of Breed”. Many times, a product that claims to be All in One, is not truly “All in One”. We wanted to take a moment to discuss the Best of Breed approach to solutions and why we chose this approach for VicinityBrew Software.

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A truly all in one software solution is extremely rare because the resources required to maintain it in a competitive market far exceed the potential revenue of such an endeavor. In addition to this, when a software company is managing all aspects of functionality, it becomes more difficult for an organization to remain “specialized.” There just aren’t enough customers to support such a development model. Therefore, to this day there are very few ERP systems in development using this all in one approach. Instead, it makes more sense to leverage work that others have already addressed.

The “Best of Breed” concept, where you identify specific software applications for unique or specialized departments or tasks and have those systems integrated to provide the ultimate benefit of shared data in a centralized ERP solution. Here are the top three reasons why VicinityBrew Software utilizes partners to build a better brewery management software solution.

Gaining Company Buy-in

Software should empower your employees. The learning curve of implementing a software solution is a growing pain enough on its own. Integrating leading 3rd party technologies allows you to mold solutions that best fit your unique operations across departments.

Enhanced Feature Functionality

As a software provider, this simply makes sense, rather than trying to be all things to everyone. We specifically focus on delivering feature rich, yet flexible solutions to craft brewers, with the option to integrate into other applications who specialize and excel in a particular function.

Reduced System Maintenance Costs

“All in One” solutions require heavy customization’s so that the solution can address your brewery’s unique business needs. This not only creates additional upfront cost in services and implementation, but it can also create added work as you maintain and upgrade systems throughout the growth of your brewery.


In the beginning of a brewery’s life span, the ownership and employees juggle several tasks and responsibilities across departments. Therefore, the brewery’s one stop solution for managing data usually lives within Excel. As your brewery grows, these roles and business processes become more and more specialized. Your owner is no longer brewing, book keeping, or serving beers at festivals. Mirroring the growth of roles at a brewery the best of breed concept identifies the specific strengths of applications in association to your brewing processes, and allows those feature rich solutions take the lead in that department. VicinityBrew manages and manintains integrations with a number of leading products on the market. Visit our partners page to learn more or contact us today to discuss what VicinityBrew Brewery Software can do for your brewery!

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