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In December 2016 at Brewbound’s Session in San Diego, we announced our newest integration with SkuBrain’s Demand Forecasting Software, a Halo BI product. This new and exciting integration extends VicinityBrew’s scheduling functionality with flexible, dynamic, and proven forecasting software for brewers delivering enhanced demand and production planning.

Forecasting Software

SKU Brain can read sales history from VicinityBrew to create a proposed forecast based on historical depletions and sales trends. A brewer can use standard forecasting models selected by the system using a tournament model to estimate future demand. When complete, the planner can make adjustments to their account for additional or outside factors to optimize the model to fit their brewery’s unique data. SkuBrain mirrors VicinityBrew’s unit of measure flexibility, allowing users to roll up quantities, review sales and measure demand by SKU and forecast by brite beer. The forecasting solution can automatically convert between various measurements, such as cases, kegs, and barrels.

“The integration is great! Super easy to bounce the information over to SkuBrain rather than my crazy files that could get messed up with one single typo.”

– Matt McComish, Distribution Manager, Highland Brewing CompanyVicinityBrew Software and SkuBrain have now come together, in collaboration with Highland Brewing Company to offer a free forecasting webinar open to anyone interested in learning more about forecasting with VicinityBrew.

Highland Brewing Company has crafted the highest quality beer with North Carolina mountain water since 1994. Family-owned and Asheville’s first legal brewery since Prohibition, it is a favorite destination for beer fans, music fans, and families. From the balanced, food-pairing favorite Gaelic Ale, to the tad aggressive, fruit and pine hop-burst of Highland IPA, the portfolio always showcases quality.

SkuBrain Forecasting Software

Join us on Thursday, March 23rd at 11:00 am PT and learn how Highland Brewing combines depletions data with SkuBrain – A Halo Solution and VicinityBrew™ Software, to forecast with accuracy, optimize inventory and push data to VicinityBrew™ to drive out MRP in just a few minutes!

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