Flexible Scheduling Software for Breweries

VicinityBrew’s Calendar Provides Flexible Scheduling Software for Breweries.

While you are considering more fermentation tanks to keep up with increased production demands, you may want to consider using a software solution to enhance planning and scheduling efforts. Manually controlling the flow of information is feasible at low levels of production when you’re still wearing multiple department hats. Whiteboard Silos

But, as your business and production teams grow, it’s increasingly important to get the information out of your head and into an efficient software system, so that it can be easily shared throughout your organization. Stop relying on whiteboards & static, isolated pieces of information.

It’s easy to create a schedule in Excel, Outlook, and Google. These can be efficient planning tools, but once that schedule is put into action the data is unable to follow through your production process:

  • Brew
  • Fermentation
  • Packaging

There are much more efficient tools available to save you the time of manually following and tying data back together from one step to the next.

It is important to your brewery’s operations to have a great visual representation of your production schedule that is actually tied to data.

Having this functionality means you can drill down into and access your Brewlog Directly from the Calendar and make adjustments on the fly. In addition, you can modify the schedule by simply dragging and dropping, and you can do it all directly from a calendar view.

VicinityBrew’s production calendar provides a dynamic tool for your team with:

  • Flexibility to view by Month, Week, Day
  • Change display mode to highlight details that are most relevant to you: size, style, brew/formula ID, etc.
  • Filter by type of batch: Brew vs ferment vs package
  • Highlight idle time in the cellar schedule, such as when a fermentation tank is sitting empty

Know that all changes made will directly affect the material allocations. This will keep your team up to date on knowing when you need hops to brew in order to meet a new or existing demand. For example: if you move a particular brew up two weeks but don’t have the hops on hand to complete the order, VicinityBrew will alert purchasing of this conflict.

scheduling software for breweries

This visual scheduling tool is just one aspect of VicinityBrew planning & scheduling capabilities.

If you would like to learn more about how VicinityBrew’s scheduling software for breweries can address your scheduling needs, please contact us today!

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