Quarterly update Release 4.30 out now

Business as usual??

Not quite, but the show must go on. 

Everyone, deep breath. We can do this.

Well, the first quarter of 2020 was brought to you by the letter “Q” for quarantine, “S” for social distancing and “P” for pandemic. In the midst of worrying about our families, understanding how to stay healthy, stocking up on essentials (like TP and beer) and just learning how to navigate our new normal, we also learned how to balance our work life which now consisted of trying to teach our kids and pay attention to our conference calls. Thankfully for us here at Vicinity, we are able to work from home as we invested in remote technology years ago. 

In keeping our quarterly update timeline, Release 4.30 stayed on schedule and was another release filled with new functionality. Staying on task and following our process for quarterly release updates gave us a bit of a distraction (and some normalcy) during the first few months of 2020.

Again in this release, we integrated requests we heard from our 2019 FOCUS user event as well as from a few clients during recent projects.

The addition of more ease-of-use functionality for Vicinity users, especially with regards to lookup and navigation and many enhancements around Create Batches, are features we think you will love!

As a customer of Vicinity Software, you always receive ongoing support: 

  • A customer portal that houses training videos, blogs and release guides
  • The ability to chat one-on-one with our consultants and technical services team members who are all located in the US and ready to help

Check out these new additions for 4.30:

Create batch settings enhancements – Multiple start dates

This new functionality available within Create Batches gives the user the ability to segregate planned orders by start date. Previously, a batch created from multiple planned orders inherited the start date of the earliest planned order. Now with this new feature, the user can “separate by start date” and show two different batch tickets with individual start dates. This enhancement was requested at our last FOCUS event as well as during a few client projects.  Watch our video overview here.

Create batch settings enhancements – Number of mixes

This enhancement allows the user to enter the number of mixes for each planned order and set or update during the create batch process. In some industries, batches are not sized by the required output and instead may be sized based on a fixed multiple of the standard formula or a default size. One example is a bakery where they make 1000 pounds of a product, but 250 pounds at a time due to the capacity of the mixer. This allows the user to edit the number of mixes as needed. This is another feature that resulted from a client request during a scheduling project. Check out this video for more.

There’s much more in 4.30 including:

    • Create batch settings:
      • user interface changes
      • Size by formula or default size
      • Removing a batch from final save
    • Navigation:
      • Standard (CTRL-space) lookup
      • Deep text lookup
    • Additional costs backflush control
    • VicinityView query for out of licenses
    • External documents for QC tests

If you are a current customer of ours, check out all the new features and functionality in Release 4.30 by logging into your customer portal and reviewing the 4.30 Release Guide.  

If you are not a customer of Vicinity Software, what are you waiting for??! 

Contact us today for a demo and to learn more about how we can support your business.

And please, stay home if you are able and don’t forget to wash your hands.