Vicinity Release 4.34 Available Now!


Release Highlights:


Lot Definition by Batch Type

-Assign Lot Number when End Item Entered

-Separate Component and Formula Attributes

-Project Entry External Documents

-Planning Workbench Displays Formulas Without Activity

These new enhancements are part of our product development roadmap with direction coming from our stellar dev team, trends in the industry and from our customers directly. We love getting to know our clients and understanding how they use the product to run and grow their businesses. Helpful feedback and conversations provide guidance for our product releases and updates.

We are very proud to say that this is a mindset we’ve had from the very beginning.
Since we add new features each quarter, take a look at what we’ve added to the Vicinity product for Q1 of 2021.

You can always find all our videos from every release on our YouTube channel here. 


Lot Definition by Batch Type


Automatically assigned lot numbers can now be defined by batch type in addition to facility. This allows you to have unique lot number definitions for each batch type at a facility.

Watch this how-to video here.


Assign Lot Number when End Item Entered


The end item lot numbers can now be automatically assigned when a lot tracked end item is added to a batch. The setting can be enabled either for a facility or batch type. The setting applies to end items added to a batch via the Batch Entry window, or when an end item is added to a batch by converting planned orders to batches.

Previously, lot numbers were automatically assigned only when an end item quantity to complete was entered.

Learn more here.


Separate Component and Formula Attributes

Attributes can now be configured as assignable to components, formulas, or both. To support this feature, two visibility settings have been added to the Attributes Setup window: Hide for components, and Hide for formulas.  

When an attribute is hidden, the hidden attribute and any child attributes will not be available for selection on the applicable window.

Watch our video here to learn more.


Project Entry External Documents



External documents can now be associated with a project.

Check out the video here.



Planning Workbench Displays Formulas without Activity

The Planning Workbench can now retrieve and display formulas for which there are no open planned orders or batches. In addition, the list can be filtered for formulas that have activity, formulas that have no activity, or all formulas.
Previously, formulas without activity would not show up on the Planning Workbench.

Watch the how-to video here.


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