Top 5 Things to Do at Great American Beer Festival 2017

The Great American Beer Festival is no doubt an event to look forward to each year. But with so many events going on simultaneously, we at VicinityBrew Software know that this event can be overwhelming. Here is our list of the top five things to do at the Great American Beer Festival this year, and where you can check out our clients during GABF week. Before you go through each of these events at Great American Beer Festival, be sure to print off a GABF Bingo card! There’s no reason not to make a game from such a fun event.

    1. Beers Made by Walking

The annual “Beers Made by Walking” festival will take place at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science during the week of the Great American Beer Festival. The event showcases more than 30 place-based beers from a wide variety of breweries, including a couple of our clients, Great Divide and Jester King.

      • Where: Denver Museum of Nature and Science
      • When: October 3rd, 2017 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm
      • Why: Each beer is inspired by landscapes in an area of the brewer’s choosing. Brewers have hiked up 14,000 foot mountains, trekked through lush canyons, camped in national parks, and strolled through community gardens to find inspiration.
    1. How to Brew + Session Beers = How to Brew Session Beers

What do you get when you join homebrewing expert and How to Brew author John Palmer with award-winning brewer and author of Session Beers, Jennifer Talley? You get a lively discussion on brewing sessionable beers at home.

      • Where: Brewers Studio at Great American Beer Festival
      • When: October 7th from 1:00 – 1:30 pm
      • Why: Sample some of the great sessionable beers from Firestone Walker, Allagash, and Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales.
      • Bingo Card Possibilities: Home Base


    1. Meet the Brewer

Each year, the Great American Beer Festival dedicates roughly 30,000 square feet of hall space to a section called Meet the Brewer, wherein each brewery’s booth is staffed entirely, exclusively, by their employees. Want to strike up a conversation with your brewing hero? Head over to Meet the Brewer and meet the men and women behind America’s craft brewing renaissance!

      • Where: Meet the Brewers Hall at Great American Beer Festival
      • When: October 5th-7th, 5:30 – 10:00 pm
      • Why: “Meet the Brewer is another great opportunity for passionate beer fans to start conversations with brewers, learn more about their beers and talk shop, “ says Nancy Johnson, event director at the Brewers Association. You will also be able to meet the brewers of two of VicinityBrew’s valued clients, Great Divide Brewing Company, Booth S28, and BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery, Booth T1.
      • Bingo Card Possibilities: Home Base, Heavy Metal, Belgo-in’ Crazy
    1. Protect Craft Guilds Pavilion

At the Protect Craft Guilds Pavilion, enjoy 178 craft beers from participating guilds as they showcase unique beers from their home states not available elsewhere in the festival hall. Learn about different states’ beer cultures, member breweries and the guilds’ initiatives.

    1. 7th Annual Draught Beer Quality Summit at GABF

This year’s event will feature keynote presentations by Larry Bell, founder, Bell’s Brewery, and Bart Watson, chief economist, Brewers Association. Pat Fahey, content director, Cicerone Certification Program, will also conduct a sensory training session, “Sensory Flavor Training: Identifying Draught Off-Flavors”.

We hope everyone has a fun, productive, and safe time at the Great American Beer Festival 2017. Be responsible, do not drink and drive

! Use code GABF2017 with Uber to get your first ride free. If you’d like to learn more about VicinityBrew Software, contact us today. Cheers to Great American Beer Festival 2017!

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