Winter Beers Are Here-Top Seasonal Beer Picks

Winter is coming… and so are the seasonal beers. We have listed our top picks for winter beers to help you make it through the holiday season.


Marshmallow Milk Stout- Garage Brewing Co.

Style: Dark Stout

IBU: 9 | ABV: 7.1%

Description: Pure decadence with none of the gooey mess… and if you close your eyes, you’ll picture yourself nestled around a campfire.

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Celebration- Sierra Nevada

Style: IPA

IBU: 65  | ABV: 6.8%

Description: First brewed in 1981, Celebration Ale is one of the earliest examples of an American-style IPA and one of the few hop-forward holiday beers. Celebration IPA is famous for its intense citrus and pine aromas, it is bold and intense, featuring Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops.

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Icebreaker- Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

Style: Coffee Porter

IBU: 26 | ABV: 4.2%

Description: A delicious blend of dark malts and our cold-extraction process produce a one of a kind coffee porter for your mouth to enjoy. To keep things interesting, Fat Bottom Brewing Co. changes roasters and coffee varietals each year to showcase this special ingredient.

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9 Bonfires Blazing- Karl Strauss Brewing Co.

Style: Golden Stout

IBU: 25 | ABV: 7.5%

Description: For the past nine years, Karl Strauss Brewing Co. has introduced a new beer as a part of their “Twelve Days” holiday series. Brewed with coffee, vanilla beans, and rolled oats (but without roasted barley!), it is blonde in color but has all the aromas and flavors of a bold American stout.

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Winter Warmer Ale- Lancaster Brewing Co.

Style: Winter Warmer

IBU: 25 | ABV: 8.9%

Description: Winter Warmer redefines the term smooth, with its monster malt bill, and extended cold aging, delivering deep, incredibly developed malt richness. British and American hops bring style to the party and an 8.9% ABV, the jolly, warming finish.

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Winterbock-  KC Bier Co.

Style: Lager

IBU: 24 | ABV: 8.25%

Description: Winterbock is a strong Doppelbock-style bier with complex, rich malt flavors of chocolate and coffee, hints of caramel and molasses, low bitterness and a satisfyingly smooth finish. Its dark brown color comes from generous portions of amber Munich malt, smaller amounts of specialty malts and double decoction, which contribute a full body and warming alcohols to sustain drinkers throughout the winter season.

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Winter Cheers- Victory Brewing Co.

Style: Wheat Ale

IBU: — | ABV: 6.7%

Description: Winter weather may drive us indoors but cannot dampen our spirits when hearth, home and hops meet in jubilation. Hoisted high in its golden glory, Winter Cheers lives up to its name, fueling festive times and chasing winter’s chill. Glowing and glimmering, frothy and shimmering, our celebratory wheat ale features luscious fruity and spicy notes, making it a perfect brew to brighten spirits even on the deepest of nights.

winter beers

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