Quality Control

Quarterly update Release 4.30 out now

Release 4.30 is packed with new features and functionality. Even though things look a bit different these days, staying on schedule for quarterly updates helped us maintain a sense of normalcy during the first few months of 2020.

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We’ve got 2020 vision: new year, new release highlights

Happy Brew Year – and welcome to a brand new decade! We are celebrating with this latest release that is packed with great enhancements. As an organization, we strive to keep our software relevant and up to date so that your business can continue to grow. We have built our software from the ground up…

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Formula for success: new release highlights

As an organization, we strive to keep our software relevant and up to date. And that’s just what we did with our recent software release filled with enhancements from our dev team. We have built our software from the ground up to serve the business needs of formula and batch manufacturers. There is always room…

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Review Quality Test Results During Data Entry

Review quality test results during data entry Added into quality sample screen in VicinityBrew giving you the ability to see test results already entered while you are entering new results. It gives you the visibility to see the tests related to the batch or fermentation sample.

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data entry

Three NEW Screens for VicinityBrew Software in 2018

  VicinityBrew® has added functionality with new screens for production planning, data entry, and customizable settings to keep brewers on track for operational excellence.   Over the past year, VicinityBrew® has focused on developing a balanced application with a rich feature set, along with an easy to use interface. Our brewery specific recipe based application…

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Large sized breweries

Large-Sized Craft Brewery Growing Pains & Solutions

Let’s take a look at large-sized craft breweries (who, generally speaking, produce over 100k BBL annually) and the most common business challenges they face. When breweries reach this level, it’s all about bringing things together. Managing multiple production facilities, defining more precise operations with process steps built into recipes, and integrating with control systems. This…

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medium brew

Medium-Sized Craft Brewery Growing Pains & Solutions

Let’s take a look at medium-sized craft breweries (who produce between 20k and 100k BBL annually) and the most common business challenges they face. As you grow, your brewery will have an increasing need for a robust financial and distribution application. As your production grows, so does your brewery’s need for a management system with greater functionality.…

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Small-Sized Craft Brewery Growing Pains & Solutions

LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT SMALL-SIZED CRAFT BREWERIES (WHO PRODUCE UP TO 20K BBL ANNUALLY) AND THE MOST COMMON BUSINESS CHALLENGES THEY FACE. Growing Pain: Disconnected Accounting, Operations, and Distribution Solution: Centralized Data Between Departments Find a system that provides a centralized database, making all master files and transactions available in one place. By finding…

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Beer Yeast Strains

Tracking Beer Yeast Strains with Brewery Software

Yeast management is an essential aspect of the fermentation process in a brewery and tracking key data of your yeast’s genealogy is very important. There are Two Important Sets of Data When Tracking Beer Yeast Strains The Natural Characteristics of Yeast Such as Strain and Flocculation The Nurture Environmental Factors and Overall Management of Your…

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4 Ways Brewery Software Supports Your Independent Brewery

The Brewer’s Association defines a craft brewer as small, traditional and independent. Thus, independence is a widely important trait of any craft brewery, and is what sets craft breweries apart from big beer. According to craftbeer.com, more than 8,000 operating breweries exist in the U.S., and 98 percent are considered small and independent. This is…

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