Release 4.43 quarterly update highlights Q2 2023



Vicinity Release 4.43 Now Available!

Release Highlights


 Read-only Lock on Batch/Component/Formula Entry  

Add Refresh Button to Planned Orders Screen 

Functional Enhancement: Expanded lot number field 


Read-only Lock on Batch/Component/Formula Entry

Batch Entry, Component Entry and Formula Entry have been enhanced with a read-only lock when multiple users are viewing a record simultaneously. With the read-only lock, the following behavior occurs:

  • User A retrieves a record.
  • User B retrieves the same record while User A still has it displayed
  • User B will see a message in the status bar of the window indicating the object is locked by User A.
  • User B can view the record and make changes but is unable to save any changes. 

Learn more here. 

Alternate text

Add Refresh Button to Planned Orders Screen

The Planned Orders screen has been enhanced with the addition of a Refresh button. Previously, to refresh the data on the screen the user had to close and reopen the screen.

Watch this video here. 

Functional Enhancement:

Expanded lot number field 

The Batch Entry Lot number field has expanded from 25 to 50 characters.

Watch the video tutorial here. 



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