Three NEW Screens for VicinityBrew Software in 2018


VicinityBrew® has added functionality with new screens for production planning, data entry, and customizable settings to keep brewers on track for operational excellence.


Over the past year, VicinityBrew® has focused on developing a balanced application with a rich feature set, along with an easy to use interface. Our brewery specific recipe based application has released three new screens.

  • The Production Schedule, featuring a Gantt Chart display with extensive filtering capabilities and as well batch linking to establish parent relationships between interdependent brews.
  • Batch Entry Browser, a streamlined version of our traditional Brew log structured data entry screen.
  • VicinityView Browser is a powerful query and report generator. Brewers can quickly search and access information, generate new reports, or pull quick summary views of production with an online login.

The new browser-based screens designed in HTML5 are the select first releases for VicinityBrew® to dive into the HTML5 platform. HTML5 creates a unique environment for our software to offer increased speed, access, and mobility to end users.



Extended Production Planning

With the new production schedule, users can now visually see and manage various production runs. The new screen supports a variety of both grouping, filtering and timescale adjustments to alter or narrow a user’s focus. Beyond the visual Gantt Chart display of scheduled batches or production runs, users can create relationships by linking interdependent batches together to reflect the nature of their actual production. The links build a master formula relationship while making changes to one segment, such as scaling size, or adjusting the execution date, and those changes are also reflected.

Delivering the Right Perspective

New setting and sections enable brewers to get directly to the data they need the most. Added user controls allow brewers to select or hide specific fields, columns, and sections to display the most pertinent information for their job task. The settings save to their user profile. Relevant data drillbacks or links between field ID and associated records have been added throughout the software, easing navigation from one piece of information to the extended details within related screens. VicinityBrew® has even created an engine for users to create and add their drillbacks in some regions of the application.

VicinityBrew® has added two new sections to our application to optimize what data is readily available to users on a given screen. The latest Phases section creates a simplified data entry interface for those recording on our digital brew log. Within this section, users can cycle through different operations and stages of their brewing process, such as brew, kettle, boil. Users can now focus on individual process while recording data, but easily check in on other operations. A section has been added called Related QC Tests section users can review additional QC tests recorded against a batch while entering a test result.

Software users today expect more from their workplace applications than a feature set that merely gets the job done. Customers expect an experience that is easy to use but at the same time powerful enough to accomplish all their required tasks. At VicinityBrew® our development team places the user’s experience at the same priority level as functional requirements as we strive to maintain our position as a leader in the brewery specific, batch processing industry.

 For a complete list of some of the new features and functionality please, contact our team today.


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