Summer brews we are loving these days! 🍻☀️

Check out some of our VicinityBrew friends this summer. 

Cheers to summer days! 🍻☀️🏖️😎


Abita Brewing Company – Beeracuda

Style: Lager

IBU: 15  | ABV: 5%


Despite its ferocious behavior & appearance, this Beeracuda is perfect to sip on when relaxing in or out of the water. This crisp Gulf Coast Cerveza will cool you off even on the hottest of days. so get ready to set the hook with this refreshing brew.


Highland Brewing – Wishing Star

Style: Cold IPA

IBU: 70 | ABV: 6.8%


Cold IPA

Take a break from the haze with a clean, crisp Wishing Star Cold IPA. It’s our take on this innovative style that showcases Strata hops and bright hop flavors.

What is a Cold IPA?

Cold IPAs use lager yeast and restrained malt and yeast character to really allow the hop aromas and flavors to shine. It’s a new spin on the west coast IPA where the focus is entirely on the hops.

Speaking of hops – Wishing Star Cold IPA is a showcase for Strata hops. Our Innovation Brewers hand-selected this variety of hops specifically for the wonderful berry aroma that Strata brings to this beer.



Denali Brewing – Agave Gold

Style: Golden Ale

IBU: 16 | ABV: 5.1%


Brewed with organic blue agave nectar for a light, easy introduction to the wonderful world of craft beer.


Flying Dog Brewing – Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale

Style: Golden Ale

IBU: 25 | ABV: 5.7%


Most-piloted beer to date is brewed with the rugged spirit of the Chesapeake Bay watermen. Born in the heart of crab country, Dead Rise highlights the bold spiciness of Maryland’s most beloved culinary staple – OLD BAY. Originally brewed as a blonde ale, Dead Rise has evolved into a thirst-quenching summer ale designed to turbocharge the flavor of whatever is on your plate. Same great taste, now with a delicate tartness. The beer’s incredible blend of spiciness, salt and lemon makes Dead Rise the perfect sidekick for seafood, seafood, seafood, and also seafood.


Rogue Ales & Spirits – Honey Kolsch

Style: Kolsch

IBU: | ABV: 5.0%


Brewed with wildflower honey, this Kolsch-style ale has layers of subtle floral notes accented by the honey’s natural sweetness that create a refreshing balance with the hops and malts. Honey Kolsch is our liquid ode to bees for all the wonderful work they do to keep the cycle of life turning.

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